MDC-T should join ZANU PF: Prof Ncube

Posted: November 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

Posted by Clayton Moyo

Following reports of defections in the MDC led by Professor Mutambara, Zimbabwe Community Radio finally had a one-to-one interview with the secretary general of the party Professor Welshman Ncube where he gave his insight on the issue. Professor Ncube also responded to some of the accusations against him on the alleged tempering of the MDC constitution to include limitations on the presidential terms.

Q: Of late we have heard a number of councillors claiming to have defected to the other formation of the MDC-T, what do you say about that?

Prof Ncube: Well let’s just start with the latest round of the Bulawayo councillors we understood defected, we spoke to Dr Ferguson for instance, he says he didn’t defect he was invited to a meeting by the Prime Minister he went and he read a statement which expressed his opinion which was that he thinks that there must be a united MDC supposedly to fight Mugabe. That’s his opinion he says, that’s what he read so as far as we know what he indicated to us is that he did not defect but really that’s not the core of the issue. The core of the issue is that you have a political party which basically during the day condemns corruption, bribery and the vices we have seen in ZANU PF but at night does virtually the same thing, they go to Bulilima, they go to Lupane carrying bicycles, they bribe the councillors, give them $100 and get them to join their party. If that is not corruption, I don’t what it is. We do not believe that we should have members who belong to us on the basis of being paid, people must share with us the same values, same principles and the same vision for Zimbabwe to save the people of Zimbabwe but the strategy of defections just shows to you how the MDC-T has transformed to become the virtual mirror image of ZANU PF. Over the last thirty years we have seen this tactic, year in year out being used by ZANU PF, “so and so has defected,”  humiliating people, embarrassing them, getting them to burn cards and that’s what we are seeing once again. It’s disgusting to say the least.

Q: There has been an article in the Zimbabwe Independent where you and the late Learnmore Jongwe are alleged to have tempered with the constitution of MDC at its formation to include the limitations on the terms of office for the president, what really happened?

Prof Ncube

Professor Welshman Ncube

Prof Ncube: Again if you wanted an example of a party which has become so hypocritical and so drunk with its supposed popularity that it has no respect for people and it has no respect for itself, it’s almost like we are seeing a rerun of the Hitler politics. If you are going to tell a lie, tell a big one and repeat it as often as you can and people will eventually believe that big lie. You might ask why has it taken ten years to discover that the constitution made in 2000 was tempered with, we have never had this explanation before, we are hearing it for the first time. But everybody in there knows the truth. The constitution which was drafted for the first congress, the inaugural congress correct was drafted by Dr Madhuku and others, it was presented to the interim national executive of the MDC and we debated it twice, at St Lucia Park and at Mandel Training Centre, the final meeting before congress was at Mandel by the interim executive. At that meeting, all of us who were in that interim executive were unanimous in agreeing that we must limit the terms of office of the president, the vice president, the national chairman, the secretary general, the deputy secretary general and the treasurer general so the terms of office of those six by the unanimous decision of the interim national executive at Mandel was decided upon and we inserted those clauses in that draft which was adopted at Mandel as the interim executive committee. We took it to congress with those term limits, I and Learmore Jongwe it’s correct presented it at the congress and we presented it with those term limits, it was adopted at Chitungwiza at congress with exactly those term limits and everybody in the party from 2000 accepted that that was our constitution. There was no issue. Up to the time of the split again it was accepted that it was our constitution. Indeed the fact that at their congress in 2006, they were now starting to attempt to change it, they should not have attempted to change if they believed that it was a fair constitution; they should just have produced the original constitution. So clearly it’s a lie, it’s hypocritical, its dishonest, they should just own up and say we no longer like this clause, we didn’t believe in it or we no longer believe in it because that’s the truth but to pretend that there was a fake constitution, it’s a lie, it’s a big lie that they are telling. But some of us we are not surprised because you have a political party which over the years has transformed itself into being a mirror image of ZANU PF, the lies, the hypocrisy, the dishonesty. Some of us are not interested in a party which thinks they can replace ZANU PF and they think they are clever ngesiNdebele kuthiwa akulaqili elazikhoth ‘emhlane and that’s what they are trying to do. They can fool some of the people sometime but they can’t fool all the people all the time.

Q: What is your view on the MDC-T leadership renewal and the issue of their constitution having no limitations on the presidential terms; do you share the view that Tsvangirai is the brand of MDC-T?

Prof Ncube: So why are you then opposed to ZANU PF?  Mugabe is the brand of ZANU PF, he has always been, so they want him to be president for life? Join them, if you believe in that philosophy just join ZANU PF.

Q: You have been consistent that Zimbabwe is not ready for an election, in the event that Mugabe calls for an election next year, are you going to participate?

Prof Ncube: As a party we have always believed that we will give the people of Zimbabwe a chance to fight the Mugabe rule through elections. We would prefer to fight in a free and fair election so that people can decide freely and fairly but we have fought elections since 2000 under an environment which was not free and fair, maybe the best election was in March 2008, that was the freest since the MDC started participating but we participated in those elections and we believe that we should continue to give the people of Zimbabwe a chance for a peaceful change of government otherwise to run away from an election means that you have another alternative other than an election and the alternative can only be the resort to violence and we don’t believe that we should the people of Zimbabwe through the process of violence.

Q: One of the reforms remaining in the GPA is the issue of media freedom and George Charamba has expressed that the issue of media freedom is a pie in the sky, what’s your comment on that?

First of all Charamba is not a minister in any government, he doesn’t determine policy he is supposed to implement policy. What we know is that as the three political parties, we agreed first in the GPA on the nature of the media freedom which had to take place. We agreed in the second round of talks what needed to be done and we do not believe that Charamba speaks for ZANU PF, if ZANU PF wants to officially repudiate its obligation, it must say so and speak through its ministers and its representatives and not through a civil servant.


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