Road carnage, who doesn’t know the issues behind the accidents?

Posted: October 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

One person died in this accident along Gwanda-Bulawayo highway

The issue of road safety or safety on the roads in Zimbabwe has been a subject in a number of platforms. It is usually brought up when there is a major accident and everyone is trying to identify the problem or cause of the accident. A few days after the disaster, everyone forgets about it.

Whether there has been a disaster or no disaster, there are several causes of an accident that are known and preventable. The poor state of roads in Zimbabwe is there for all to see because we all use roads. Most of the roads in the country need overhaul (resurfacing). Some vehicles are unroadworthy or unfit to be used. These cars pass through roadblocks.

I have witnessed the drivers of such cars negotiating with the police but I have never heard how exactly they negotiate but what I have seen is that at times they exchange notes without anything being documented or without the police issuing a ticket as we usually say it.

For whatever reasons politicians pop up at road disaster scenes and some have pointed fingers at second hand Japanese vehicles and the recent debate confirms this. Others have pointed fingers at the drivers, suggesting that they have to be re-tested, drivers of a certain age should be behind the wheel of a public transport vehicle and other seemingly populistic and less sensible proposals. All these do not deal with the poor state of roads and ineffective highway patrols that let unlicensed drivers, unroadworthy and overloaded vehicles filter through. And most importantly an accident happens whether your car is roadworthy or a driver is unlicensed, thats why its an accident.


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