Gono likely to go


South African president Jacob Zuma’ s last visit left hopes high on the resolution of the outstanding Global Political Agreement issues. As the negotiators engage in what is expected to be the last round of talks, President Mugabe is trumpeting the very statements that he has been ranting since the formation of the all inclusive government.

Mugabe still defends the appointments of attorney general, Johannes Tomana and Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono. The geriatric leader says the two are not going anywhere.

However reports have indicated that Gono is likely to leave. This is said to be one of the contents in the package that Zuma boasted of having sort out on his departure.

Although Mugabe’ s reiteration of Gono and Tomana staying casts doubt on the progress of the negotiations, Gono’ stay in the central bank is no longer necessary for ZANU PF. The Reserve Bank is now a liability in the country as most of its functions have been stripped down by the multi- currency regime.

The eloquent speaker of the Reserve Bank used to come out on television defending his printing of loads of Zim dollar notes. He would also be seen distributing the farm implements that are now haunting the central bank.

Some properties of the Reserve Bank have already fell under the auctioner’ s hammer whilst more are being attached. This confirms that the central bank is more than broke. The ZANU PF that abused the central bank up to its illiquid state has no reason for holding on to it now. Gono in his personal capacity is not an asset to ZANU PF.

Furthermore, the Reserve Bank Bill approved by both ZANU PF and MDC legislators curtails the powers of the central bank governor and makes him/her to be fully under the minister of finance . The bank can no longer continue with unchecked quasi-fiscal activities. The current minister, Tendai Biti does not have good relations with Gideon Gono. Biti seems to be a tough gatekeeper who may not allow ZANU PF to abuse a cent of the bank through the governor

ZANU PF is likely to give up on Gono.

Tomana cannot go.

The attorney general has to safeguard the immunity of perennial perpetrators of human rights abuse. The party has more dirt under its carpet that it cannot let someone easily hold a position that remains vital on the survival of the top brass and the grassroots members who have over the years been used to usurp power through terror and extreme violence.


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